A massive thanks to all of our customers old and new - We couldn't have done it without you!

We've been so busy this year and unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we haven't been able to celebrate our 20th anniversary as we would have liked to. As part of our celebration we've added a Long Life Guarantee™ to our Basic, Deluxe, Lightweight and Ultra Ranges with our new Long Life Veiling™ with 28 Day Money Back.

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If you would like to collaborate with BBwear on a project let us know and we'll bee in touch.


Ultra Bee Suit vs Giant Asian Hornet Stephen Wheeler - Bugs and Bees - Japan

Stephen Wheeler - Bugs and Bees

Keep an eye out for Jez wearing his new BBwear

Jez Rose - Bees & Co

No Nonsense Beekeeping - Endorsed by BBwear

Black Mountain Honey


We sponsored an event in Kent - Managing The Asian Hornet



Ultra Bee Suit vs Asian Hornet - Not the giant one!