Issue 1 - January to April - Published 04/05/2020

A Bit Of A Buzz!

We hope you all bee keeping safe out there! We’ve been very busy this year even though the Corona virus has put a lot of things to a stand still, so in light of the situation we thought we would put a news letter together and let you know what we’ve been up to so far this year.

Face Masks & Donations

Since the pandemic we’ve been doing what we can to help. We’ve been making none profit face mask and been selling them at cost in an effort to encourage donations to help support the NHS and key workers. Paul and Steve have updated the website with donation options which will go towards supporting our NHS + key workers.


Hospital Scrubs + Slide Sheets

BBwear has cut 373 sets of hospital scrubs for Cornwall Scrubs. Cornwall Scrubs is a FaceBook group which has brought a community of volunteer workers together armed with sewing machines to make face masks and scrubs.

“Launched in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis. An emergency nurse set up #fortheloveofscrubs and encouraged regional groups to form to help make scrubs for NHS staff and healthcare workers. Within 5 days over 900 volunteers across Cornwall signed up and pledged to wash, sew, iron and distribute scrubs to those in need across the county. More details can be found at Cornwall Scrubs
Sourced from FaceBook

Michael at BBwear has been cutting the hospital scrubs for free which are then distributed via Cornwall Scrubs and manufactured by their 900+ volunteer workers.

We’ve been making hospital slide sheets for almost 3 years now and the orders/production for those has also increased since the outbreak.


Part of the BBwear Family

Sarah Bright, part of the BBwear family and her business partner James Dalby usually work within the media industry but with it being at a standstill they have been using their 3D printers to make face shields and are donating them to our NHS heroes!

They’re asking for donations so they can keep making visors. For more info and to donate please visit Cunning Media.



Masks made over 1000 masks so far, this includes 509 masks for retail orders and 500 have been donated to;

  • Live Life Care
  • Amberley Nursing home
  • Redruth Care Home
  • Our local Spar
  • Our local Co-op
  • Our local chemist

Scrubs cut (Tops and Bottoms);

  • 40 sets funded and made by BBwear for Cornwall Scrubs + Masks
  • 95 sets cut for Cornwall Scrubs & Masks
  • 373 sets cut and sent to Cornwall Scrubs

Donations raised and distribution totals;

  • £447 Total Raised as of 22/04/2020
  • £97 Donated to the NHS
  • £350 For 350 none profit face masks for key workers

Advice + Information + FAQ

At BBwear Steve and Andy have combined their efforts to make an FAQ page which went live on the 15th of April. It’s a lightweight list of information we think all new beekeepers should bee aware of. Any questions and suggestions are welcome so please let us know if there’s anything you would like to see added.


Paul Bright has been hard at work on a side project with SUVO and NHS Innovation Accelerator in Plymouth to quickly set up a service called Project5 in response to the pressures that our NHS staff are under.

“Free Wellbeing Support Service for our Healthcare Workers Thousands of coaches and mental health practitioners have signed up to offer evidence-based support to support the national healthcare team. This is a not for profit community interest company led by Clinicians and coaches, linking staff in need to professionals with the skills to assist at a time of crisis.”
project5 - a bespoke acute crisis response service, designed by experts and delivered at clinical standards“

Why not get involved and #HighFiveOurCarers