Clothing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to wear my BBwear and other accessories for maximum protection?

Gloves, Wrists, Ankles

Some gloves have gauntlets attached to them and others do not so we make standalone gauntlets to suit all glove choices. Most people wear their gauntlets over their suit which is fine until you have a particularly nasty colony to deal with and they all sting you where the suit is pulled tight against your skin by the elastic in the gauntlets hem.

If you're allergic we wouldn't recommend beekeeping but if you decide to do so we would recommend wearing our Ultra Bee Suits and our Ultra Beekeeper's Gauntlets underneath your suit.

We recommend wearing our gauntlets if you're using gloves that don't have them.

GauntletsGauntletsGloves with Gauntlets
Gauntlets for AnklesGauntlets for AnklesGauntlets for Ankles
Ultra Gauntlets for AnklesUltra Gauntlets for AnklesUltra Gauntlets for Ankles

Foot wear

Boots out - Not recommended Boots in - Recommended

If you order a Basic Bee Suit, Basic Trousers or Children's Bee Suit we suggest wearing wellies/tall boots and tucking the ankles inside the wellies.

If you order any of our other bee suits they have ankle zips which gives you the option to wear them over wellies/tall boots easily. We recommend wearing your bee suit/trousers over wellies/tall boots as this prevents any bees from getting into the boot and stinging you.

Bee Suits

We would always recommend wearing a Bee Suit when beekeeping as this provides the best all over protection.


We always recommend wearing a full suit for maximum protection but some beekeepers prefer a jacket or smock because they're easier to get on and off which is fine for quick visits to the apiary but leaves a vulnerability around the hips. Don't forget to tighten the elasticated hem or you may find yourself with a bee in your bonnet! 


Our trousers are over-sized so that they can be worn over clothing. The Deluxe trousers have ankle zips so they can be worn over wellies/tall boots. 

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Which size should I order? Do I need a bespoke suit/special cut order?

Special Cut Guide

Check your measurements against our size guide and see which size fits you best. Our clothing is made with extra room/over sized so you can wear clothing underneath and have good mobility.

If you are unsure you can always send us your measurements and we will be happy to advise you on your decision. Just take your measurements as bellow and send them to us via the contact form or email.

Size Guide

Special Cut Form

The Ultra Range - Can bees sting through the ultra range fabric?

Our Ultra Protective, Ultra Ventilated Bee Suits are virtually sting proof. The fabric is 5mm deep, bee, wasp and hornet stingers are about 3mm and we've tested it with angry bees, wasps, Asian and European hornets, none of which managed to sting us trough the fabric into the skin.

Steve our apiary manager has been using the Ultra Bee Suit for 3/4 years now and has not been stung yet. We also sent out an initial prototype to a hyper allergic beekeeper and she hasn't been stung in the 5/6 years of using it (date written - 15/04/2020).

Due to the nature of the fabric it's generally suspended away from the skin and only rests on your shoulders which provides greater all round protection and ventilation.

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Further information

Is there anything you would like us to add?

If there's anything you would like us to include then please let us know via our contact page.