Bugs and Bees Japan

Giant Asian Hornet vs The Ultra Bee Suit!

Stephen Wheeler is a beekeeper in Japan who keeps Japanese honey bees and comes into contact with lots of hornets. We were particularly intrested in testing our Ultra Range with the giant Asian hornet (Vespa mandarinia - also known as the 'murder hornet' in the US) so we got in touch with him and had a chat.

He already has a BBwear suit and jacket and was very happy to put our Ultra Bee Suit to the test. We chatted about clothing, bees, hornets, hornet festivals and someone who gets hornets to build their nests into sculptures somehow!? They really love hornets in Japan!

So we've sent Stephen the Retro Ultra Bee Suit with a few alterations and some accessories for testing with the giant Asian hornet. We thought he might like 10mm protection on his head and shoulders where the suit sits as the giant Asian hornet has a 6mm stinger. We wanted to make sure he had extra protection in those areas as he'll be getting involved in hornet nest removals now as well. He was so excited to be getting the suit that he offered to do some free hornet nest removals so he can do more videos and really put the suit to the test!

Bugs and Bees Japan

Japanes beekeeping, lots of hornets, bugs and even monkeys!

Follow his YouTube channel and find out what he thinks about the Ultra Bee Suit.