Black Mountain Honey Farm

Laurence - Black Mountain Honey

Black Mountain Honey is a commercial bee farming family run business based in Wales. They produce honey, Buckfast bees and queens as well as videos for YouTube where Laurence does product reviews, tutorials, honey, beekeeping and more! They focus on producing top quality, raw honey from local bees. They have 4 production apiaries and every jar of honey can be traced back to the apiary where it was produced.

Laurence is a bee farmer who loves BBwear and our customer service, he contacted us in February 2020 hoping to do a collaboration having already had suits from us. He's been really impressed with our High Quality, Hard Wearing, British Bee Wear and was keen to share his love of BBwear with his growing YouTube channel.

Being a bee farmer he uses the suits heavily during the season and was so impressed with how robust our clothing is, having previously reviewed our Basic Bee Suit and our Smock on his YouTube channel. He really wanted to try out our Ultra Range so he contacted us to see if we would be interested in him making some product review videos and promoting BBwear.

We made him a bespoke Ultra Bee Suit to his dimensions and we got his logo embroidered onto the pocket as well. Once he received his new suit he filmed an in depth review upon delivery and offered to do a field test in the suit. He also wants to make a comparison video of the Ultra Bee Suit vs our Basic/Deluxe Bee Suits when used during the season to show just how much cooler it is while showing off the 5mm sting protection. The suit has had a porosity test and the Ultra fabric allows 100% of the air to flow through it while the poly/cotton fabric only allows 12% of the air to pass through!

See the video below titled 'Super Aggressive Bees' - the audio isn't the best but you can see him covered in very angry bees while he's casually chatting (can't hear him very well due to angry beees!) about how good the sting protection is with our Ultra Bee Suit and he does NOT receive a single sting!

No Nonsense beekeeping

Check out his YouTube channel for more top tips, gear reviews and how to's!