Candipolline Gold 1kg

Candipolline Gold 1kg

Queen Rearing Cell Punch

Queen rearing cell punch, simular to the nicot method but no need to find your queen, lock her in for 24 hours or graft anything. A quick and easy way to raise queens, just punch out the egg/larvae and introduce to a queenless hive with no larvae under 5 days old.

  • 1 assembled frame ready to use with 10 punches and plungers
  • Requires a queenless hive or "cell building colony".
  • Select the larvae of the correct age - up to 4 days.
  • You don't touch the larvae, so they are unlikely to be damaged or rejected.
  • Rejects can be re-punched and re-grafted and the rejected larva will be removed by the bees within 2 hours if any.
  • You can rear 10 queen cells per frame.
  • The cell building hive needs to have no other viable eggs for queen rearing - hopelessly queenless.
  • See more Information below
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With the cell punch method there's no need to handle the larvae, as you have to with some other methods so less chance to damage the larva and a better chance of acceptance.

All you need to do is;

  • Punch out a cell with a worker larvae of the right age from a brood frame
  • Use the dowel as a plunger pushing the contents through fully so the cell is exposed slightly beyond the mouth of the plastic collar
  • Bees will have to chew the overhanging excess sidewall of the cell away so to save them time cut it back with a sharp knife or slice length ways across the cell and fold the sidewalls over the plastic collar
  • Clip cell into frame and insert frame in to a queenless hive or cell building colony
  • Queen rearing colony should be hopelessly queenless with no other larvae/eggs suitable for raising queen cells other than the ones introduced with the cell punch
  • More info can be found here on Dave Cushmans site
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