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Thymol Crystals 50g

Used as an anti-fungicide in syrup feeds, also used in treatments.
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Thymol is now included in a list of approved EC products (Regulation 1804/1999) as a “non-medicinal curative substance” for treating Varroa.

1. Prepare a sachet (similar to a tea bag) from nylon tights using Copidex to seal the ends.

2. Place 2 teaspoons full (10grma) of Thymol into sachet, seal end.

3. Place sachet on top of brood frames, centre, below queen excluder.

4. Apply mid April to end of April when temperature has increased.

5. Leave in hive until August.

6. Thymol vaporises slowly during May, June and July disrupting the breeding cycle of the Varroa. This reduces build up of mites during the active season.

7. Late August, September apply Apiguard, Apistan or Bayvarol according to maker’s instructions.

8. Honey is not tainted by the use of Thymol within the hive.

Thymol can also be used in the Autumn feed with beneficial effects for the bees in controlling Nosema, it also prevents sugar syrup from fermenting.

1. Dissolve 20grms of Thymol crystals in 100ml surgical spirit (for smaller amounts use the same scale of mix)

2. Add one teaspoon full of mix per 3 gallons sugar syrup feed.

3. Feed to bees.

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