Pollen Trap - National

Pollen Trap - National

ApiShield Asian Hornet Trap - National

ApiShield is the world’s first integrated trap to safeguard honeybee colonies from predation by hornets, wasps, wax moth and robber bees. 

ApiShield has been developed by Vita, based on the ApiBurg® trapping system by renowned bee scientist Professor Ifantidis working in conjunction with scientists and bee research organisations around the world. Manufactured in hard-wearing pine wood, a polystyrene version will be available soon.

British National (46.5 x 46.5 cm).

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  • Economical: ApiShield’s high durability with no on-going costs makes it a highly economical investment.
  • No extra apiary visits: unlike bait traps, which can require frequent replenishment, ApiShield maintenance can be easily incorporated into your usual husbandry routine.
  • No chemicals or bait changes: the honeybee colony odour is the only bait required and is constantly present in any hive and always attractive to hornets.
  • Specific: ApiShield traps only pests affecting honeybee colonies – hornets, wasps, wax moth and robbing bees. Unlike bait traps, ApiShield does not affect non-target organisms and pollinators.
  • Sustainable: late-season trapping of hornet queens reduces the number of new hornet nests next year, keeps hornet populations down and inhibits invasive spread.
  • Disease protection: ApiShield guards against robber bees, which are known to transmit a wide spectrum of infectious diseases and honeybee pests, such as Varroa mites.
Tips for Use
  • Treat ApiShield with a suitable bee-friendly timber preservative.
  • You can remove ApiShield in autumn after the first frost. Replace again in spring in time to catch any Asian hornets seeking honey as they prepare to build their first nests.
  • If a colony is relocated, ApiShield side entrances should be blocked for 3 days to ensure worker bees once again orientate themselves to use the proper hive entrance.
  • In previously un-infested areas, please report any suspected Asian Hornets (Vespa velutina) to the relevant authorities immediately, preferably by sending a sample for analysis.
  • ApiShield traps can be checked frequently to act as a sentinel and alert beekeepers to invasive predators.
  • ApiShield trap drawers can be immersed in water for a few minutes to safely kill predators before their disposal.
  • ApiShield is most effective against Asian Hornets late in the season (around September in Europe).

Vita’s ApiShield trap, also known as the ApiBurg® trap system, is a registered patent of Professor Ifantidis, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece.

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