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BBwear Ltd has many years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of Beekeepers’ clothing with a range of garments to suit everybody's needs. Our suits are made from hardwearing 67% Polyester, 33% cotton, in a range of colours and manufactured to the highest standard. By listening to our customers we have developed a range of beekeeping clothing to suit everybody’s needs, and we pride ourselves on offering top quality garments at a highly competitive price.


Suit Construction 

The veils on our suits are made from specially stiffened and UV-resistant netting and are supported away from the face, giving excellent all round vision and protection. The hoods on all our suits may be unzipped and thrown back when not in use. Browse our on-line shop for further details, or use the quick links below:

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We also offer a made to measure service for those beekeepers outside our standard sizes and are able to adapt our patterns to suit the individual’s requirements.



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